Art Licks Weekend 2016



Safehouse 1

139 Copeland Road, SE15 3SN

Harry Bland

Dear Painting,

Where to begin with your long and twisting history? Resuscitated and re-murdered so frequently, you could be forgiven for assuming that zombified demeanour - no more than skin and mystery. A house of many rooms: frequently condemned, still standing. Welcoming of leaks. Fixed yet fluid. Preserving, absorbing, and extending territory. Simulating and assimilating. Articulating surface. Never leaving, always returning. Painting, “this thing that does not shrink from impossible tasks.” Are you a kind of bravery?



P.S. AFTER presents GLOSSARY: a list of terms in a specialist field, definitions explaining difficult or unusual expressions, a variety of tongues, each speaking painting, albeit in a highly personal dialect.


Paula Baader, Gala Bell, Harry Bland, Dickon Drury, Jadé Fadojutimi, Qingzhen Han, Connie Harrison, Manuel Mathieu, Sarah 'Kenikie' Palmer, Clare Price, Lucy Smallbone, Christopher Stead, Mircea Teleaga



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