Art Licks Weekend 2016




19a Herald Street, E2 6JT

Jeremy Hutchison: Performance

Event Saturday 3-4pm

Monster (production still), 2016. Courtesy of Jeremy Hutchison

To conclude his solo exhibition at Ryder Projects, Jeremy Hutchison will present a live performance. In this work, two factory workers rehearse a question: what will we do when there is nothing to do? Their staged dialogue explores the dilemma of a world without work, and the challenge of technological automation on human existence.

This performance is a development of the video currently showing at the gallery. This work examines the operations of a peanut factory in the Middle East. The employees of this factory labour tirelessly at their stations, performing a sequence of repetitive tasks. But while bodies and machines operate in perfectly choreographed efficiency, not a single peanut is produced. The factory simply reproduces its own labour conditions.

The event will last approximately half an hour. Refreshments will be provided.


Jeremy Hutchison


Patricia Lara

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