Art Licks Weekend 2016



72 B&C

72 Butlers & Colonial Wharf, SE1 2PY

We Want Our Country Back

Estabrak Al-Ansari

‘We Want Our Country Back’ is a multisensory experience that transports you into the world of ‘a foreigner’. Enter a home of multi-cultural belonging, not occupied by hate, fear and greed. We are ‘the other’… and so are you! See, taste, hear, touch, smell, meet and understand.

Created by 3 female artists living in London, ‘We Want Our Country Back’ is the group’s debut exhibition that tackles questions of identity, belonging, public vs. private space and interrupted histories. Drawn together by their passion for diversity and representation in the arts, Abi Wright, Estabrak Al-Ansari and Yulia Ivanova are inviting you over, 'for a cup of tea' with a side of art, conversation, performance, coffee cup readings and more.

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Estabrak Al-Ansari, Abi Wright, Yulia Ivanova


Estabrak Al-Ansari, Abi Wright, Yulia Ivanova

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