Almost a year of rectangles

The culmination of almost the first year of Desktop Residency, an online curatorial project by Barnie Page and John Henry Newton.

Thursday, 6-9pm
Friday to Sunday, 11am-6pm

Accessible Suitable for age 16 and under

Desktop Residency at Peckham Pelican

92 Peckham Road
London SE15 5PY


Frances Malthouse, Chopstick ’13, 2013

Desktop Residency is a project by Barnie Page and John Henry Newton.  It began life on John's computer at the studio where they both work, whereby John would create an artwork specifically for the desktop background of his computer and display it for an undetermined duration until another screen-worthy work was made. Over time the decision to post images as a background became a conversation piece with co-workers, visitors and passersby. A simple gesture that they decided they'd like to open up to artists who they thought would react in interesting ways.

This exhibition focuses on a series of short, informal interviews between the curators and each of the artists who will have participated in Desktop Residency up until the exhibition. Each interview is to be displayed as a single piece of A4 paper. Each interview is to be printed in a way that clearly reflects visual characteristics of the artwork made by that artist for Desktop Residency.

Alongside these interviews we will show objects taken from the works that each of the artists had made for their Desktop Residency. Although displayed in an exhibition setting, these objects are not to be considered artworks, but rather the essence of the artworks they were taken from, the physical presence of an artwork that otherwise exists only digitally.

As well as the physical exhibition every previous Desktop Residency available for download once more for the duration of the exhibition.

Artists: Clémence de la Tour du Pin, Simon Boase, Joseph Buckley, Ryan Gander, Sean Roy Parker, Frances Malthouse, Nicola Guy, Harry Meadley, Lucia Quevedo, Sam Derounian, Vida Guzmic, Paul Kneale
Curators: Barnie Page, John Henry Newton

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