Bonus Levels

An immersive video game environment featuring a virtual tower made from the galleries and spaces of Art Licks Weekend.

Thursday, 6-9pm
Friday to Sunday, 11am-6pm

Accessible Suitable for age 16 and under

Public Assembly at The White Building

7 Queen’s Yard
London E9 5EN


Lawrence Lek, Bonus Levels

Bonus Levels celebrates the independent spirit of galleries and artist-run project spaces by bringing them together in a multiplayer video game.

DIY movements come from the combined efforts of people who take initiative. Unable to afford London's commercial real estate rates, this phenomenon results in emerging galleries and art collectives occupying the geographic fringes of the city.

Bonus Levels is an ideal tower where these places are brought together. Each floor in the tower is dedicated to a gallery participating in Art Licks Weekend, and the architecture and curatorial concept of their physical space is reflected in its virtual double.

In this game, the player is a digital sculptor and the building is their raw material.  Players can move walls, excavate floors, and distort objects with a selection of hammers, chisels, chainsaws, and explosives.  After each round, the resulting architecture is added to the top of the tower. Over the course of Art Licks Weekend, the tower transforms into a collective work of art.

The project launches on Thursday 3 October in an immersive gaming zone, with interactive performances starting at 7pm. From Friday to Sunday, Bonus Levels will be presented in an open studio environment.

A limited edition mousemat will be available.

Public Assembly is a series of collective works of art initiated by Lawrence Lek that invite the audience to shape the outcome. This project is a collaboration between Lek, interaction designer Valentina Berardi, photographer Andi Schmied, and artist Clifford Sage.

Artists: Public Assembly
Curators: Lawrence Lek

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