Wine & Spirits

Rachel Reupke tests the potential and limitations of the digital image. From webcams to the recreation of popular stock footage.

Thursday, 6-9pm
Friday to Sunday, 11am-6pm

Accessible Suitable for age 16 and under

Cell Project Space

258 Cambridge Heath Road
London E2 9DA


Cell Project Space presents a solo presentation of work by the artist Rachel Reupke, bringing together newly commissioned work for the gallery comprising of film and print works. Reupke has been testing the potential and limitations of the digital image since the 1990s. From webcam films to the recreation of popular stock footage scenarios inside expressionless new-build interiors, her innocuous universe is stitched together from a lexicon of commercial image production, presenting contemporary life as a reduction of stylised social rituals. Receiving a FLAMIN production award in 2011 she has just completed a new film, Wine & Spirits, which was screened at the Oberhausen Film Festival in May this year.

Reupke’s videos often consist of scripted micro-narratives, offering but the barest pretext for live action. Made using an artisanal approach to technological advancement, using the computer she reduces the structural and stylistic elements of her ideas, crafting the material to be free of any sign of individuality. For every object, expression or mood there is an image available with a slightly improved reality, as Reupke subtly challenges the methods of the sanitised aspirations of marketing industries.

Artists: Rachel Reupke
Curators: Milika Muritu

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