Artist Moving Image: Looking, Mediated

Johann Arens, Marte e Venere – A Handheld Monument, HD Video, 2013

Artist Moving Image: Looking, Mediated in association with LUX

A screening of works by Johann Arens, Helen Benigson, Lucy Clout, Richard Healy, Fabienne Hess and Patrick Hough that utilise, address and challenge contemporary forms of visual experience. Often traversing formal boundaries, these works explore how we view and interact with imagery today and how these interactions inform social and cultural relationships both on and off the screen.

Curated by Matt Carter for LUX.

Sunday 5 October, 6pm at Open School East, 43 De Beauvoir Road, London N1 5SQ

Free, booking required via the LUX website

About Lux

LUX is a public arts agency based in London that exists to support and promote artists’ moving image work, through distribution, exhibition, education, publishing and research. LUX is the only organisation of its kind in the UK, it represents the country’s only significant collection of artists’ film and video. LUX works with a large number of major institutions including museums, galleries, festivals and educational establishments, as well as directly with the public and artists. The particular focus of LUX is visual arts-based moving image work – a definition which includes experimental film, video art, installation art, performance art, personal documentary, essay films and animation, and is inclusive both in terms of context and critical discourse.

Open Call

The Least Important, Art Licks

Artist Fabienne Hess has been commissioned to make a new work, The Least Important, Art Licks, an image archive containing the least important images submitted by the audience of the Art Licks Weekend.

To participate in the project please send the three least important images from your computer or phone, alongside a short explanation to:

The least important images are a very subjective category. However, here are some attributes that may help identify them: useless, irrelevant, un-inspiring, unemotional, boring, accidental, indifferent, devoid of memory.

They are probably located on the camera roll of our phones, the trash bins of our computers or in our spam filters.

Deadline for submissions: 26 September

Submissions will be displayed anonymously. By submitting you agree that you have the right to share the images and that you allow Fabienne Hess to use them for her work “The Least Important, Art Licks”. Ownership of that work remains with Fabienne Hess.

Click here for more information.