Schwartz Gallery

Ground Floor Building 2 92 White Post Lane London, London, E9 5EN

A Thousand Years of Love


Patrick Michalopoulos

In a departure from previous investigations into sculptural objects, Michalopoulos presents painting for the first time. What is carried over into this current body of work is an interest in materiality. A gestural handling of paint imbues the resulting images with a performativity that disrupts yet amplifies the narrative structures which can be seen across the surface of these works. Recurring symbols appear interconnected yet somehow disparate. The narratives that emerge from their juxtapositions merge with gestural abstract mark-making to layer the experience of looking. Playfully questioning the boundaries between language and object, and functions of the mind and the eye, the works’ tension lies in inviting the viewer to construct their own narratives while deconstructing the act of looking. The imagery employed by Michalopoulos is reminiscent of the mythological or shamanic playfully unlocking visual and cognitive fields alluding to other-worldly spaces, events and times.


Patrick Michalopoulos