Meeting on the beach of the River Thames in front of The Mayflower Pub, London, SE16 4NF

AltMFA Feed

event Saturday, 2-4pm


AltMFA, the free alternative Masters in Fine Art programme, invites you to explore our city-wide analogue social network.

This tour will not be led by a human guide, but by a search engine algorithm created with analogue technology and unleashed on London’s streets. During the course of this tour we will encounter interventions, installations and performances by AltMFA member-artists as well as making some unpredictable digressions along the way.

AltMFA is a free peer-led Masters in Fine Art programme based in London.

Please book a spot on the tour here.


Louise Ashcroft, Neela Basu, Paula Bourke-Girgis, Alex Chalmers, Eldi Dundee, Rebecca Glover, Fritha Jenkins, Lily Johnson, Annamaria Kardos, Maru Rojas, Natalie Sanders, Marion Tu


George Major