Block 336

336 Brixton Road London, London, SW9 7AA



Robert Bell, Digital Still - AXON

The exhibition will transform the main gallery space into an immersive environment of projections and constructed installation. Robert Bell’s new works derive from the digital translations of his new series of paintings. These animated, revolving forms, pulsating fields and mutating membranes extend the abstract mark, worked surface and trace of duration evident in his wall-based paintings. The virtual creations are reminiscent of the micro or macro realm but defy accurate categorization. Here, painting is experienced as a 360-degree phenomenon, a spinning contraction of time, memory, process and event. Robert will be working intensely in the gallery space for twelve weeks during the summer in the run up to the show allowing for the development of a deeply informed response to the unique atmosphere and architecture that the building offers, as well as an invaluable opportunity to get beneath the surface of what motivates him to make work.


Robert Bell


Block 336 Gallery