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Benefit: All Research is Crisis


School of the Damned

A programme of events/ discussions between Five Years and School of the Damned addressing shared questions. What is (a) ‘School’? What makes a ‘School’? What is Underground? What is a ‘Community’? What is Evaluation? What is this thing that we are making together? What is a(n art) collective? What is knowledge transfer? Why do we publish? What are experts? Why do we copy structures? What is alternative? What is Resistance? Why do we protest? What is this protest? Why are we criminalised? What is a ‘collective yet dissensual form of research’? What is (Public) benefit? Who benefits from this? Peer Review? Talent is not enough? What is Research excellence? What is Alternative?

The structural intricacy of creative dialogue, revealing rupture and misunderstanding alongside productive or serendipitous dynamics play upon these debates around public benefit, community and pedagogical methods in terms of critique. A collective yet dissensual form of ‘research’.


Five Years : Edward Dorrian, Mary Maclean, Esther Planas ? School of the Damned: Thomas Appleton, Emilia Bergmark, Kerry Campbell, Philip Coyne , Ruth Edwards, Maria Gondek, Tom Hall, Perce Jerrom, Moe Meade, Emily Pope, Benjamin Slinger, Hannah Stearn, Alfie Strong, Josh Whitaker?, Laura Oldfield Ford, Pil & Galia Kollectiv, Lorena Munoz-Alonso, Than Hussein Clark


Five Years, School of the Damned