8 & 10 Cecil Court London, London, WC2N 4HE

Claudia Djabbari and Erika Hock


Claudia Djabbari: Volkswagen, 2010.

Erika Hock explores sculptural and architectural elements, referencing diverse realms of history, society and culture. Standing on the surface of a disappeared architectural body, the objects are anecdotes outside functionality, defined by their own extra-contextual reference. In Hock’s practice, the possibilities of shape, form and scale are explored in relation to the body and spatiality through active presence and participation.

Through her work Claudia Djabbari looks at the influence of social structures and geopolitical circumstances and how everyday life can be transformed into a personal language and confronted against a sculptural tracery. Her interest lies in collecting, accumulating and storing. Re-contextualised and resequenced in the gallery, objects function as models and underpin social rituals, and the sentimental values of commodities.


Claudia Djabbari; Erika Hock


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