Unit 3 Projects at ASC Studios

Unit 3 Empson Street London, London, E3 3LT

Composed Formations


Kyle Kirkpatrick, Peak, 2014, Pine, plywood, PVA, model grass scenery

Composed Formations explores the playful interactions of textures, forms and material dialogues present in work by Kyle Kirkpatrick and Jessica Wilson. Kirkpatrick and Wilson share a sense of why they make work, they deconstruct in an attempt to understand the complexities of form and materiality that they encounter. However it is in the outcomes that their work varies. Wilson plays out these ideals in two dimensions, on a surface and mostly with paint. Whilst Kirkpatrick thinks in three dimensions, his configurations of found and made objects are imaginatively installed with site specificity. Composed Formations will aim to question the closeness of these two practices, the relationships between painting and object and probe into the formal understanding of painting that both Kirkpatrick and Wilson possess.


Kyle Kirkpatrick, Jessica Wilson


The Juncture