A.P.T. Gallery

Harold Wharf 6 Creekside London, London, SE8 4SA

Continuum of Ceaseless Change


The exhibition gathers together tactile works to intensify the experience of prolonged movements explicit in the work, highlighting artists’ practices relating to the body. This will create a conversation about methodology and the traces it leaves. Sometimes this will be overt, through the way the hand has responded to a material and left evidence of an encounter; in other works it will be subtler but will broaden the discussion. The whole show, though made up almost entirely of stationary works, will be interlineated by movement, looking intensely at the emotive power of gesture. The exhibiting artists are weighted between practices, and there is a conflating of large and small-scale works. Reading these works as a continuum of ceaseless change addresses current social issues, in particular ideas around the primitive desire for touch in a post-digital culture as well as sidelong glances at speculative realism.


Nicole Morris, Robert Rivers, Nicholas Brooks, Sarah Pager, Poppy Whatmore, Mollie King, Sheenagh Geoghegan, Sarah Pettitt, Ninna Bohn Pedersen, Niamh Riordan, Laura Smith, Sam Mould


Laura Smith, Poppy Whatmore