6 Cecil Court London, London, WC2N 4HE

Digitalsmigital – The fluidity of formats between publications and the screen

event Thursday, 6-7pm

Design by Rowena Harris

Introduced at the event, and then throughout the weekend at Tenderbooks, Misery Connoisseur will screen a new artwork/advert film reflecting the conceptual shifts found through the development of MC Issue 3. Departing from the glossy printed issues 1 & 2, issue 3 will be produced as a digital publication, conceptualising and claiming this form as an extension of the artist publication genre.

Alongside this MC has invited a number of insightful parties from the world of publishing and online exhibitions to partake in a discussion about the challenges and possibilities of working between printed, screen and online formats – including the perspective of artists, editors, curators and distributors. This discussion will be available as a small publication at the event.

[Please note, the details of this event have changed slightly from that included in the ALW2014 printed guide.] 


Misery Connoisseur


Tenderbooks (Rowena Harris)