Art House Foundation

55 Laburnum Street London, London, E2 8BD


Event Friday, 12-6pm & Saturday, 12-6pm

Image courtesy of Sara Nunes Fernandes and Domingos Manuel Fernandes

This event launches Sara Nunes Fernandes’ year long project as Art House Foundation’s Writer In Residence from her farmhouse in rural Portugal, where she will be investigating storytelling and Portuguese folk history through translation and her interest in the materiality of language and words – and their weird existence as uttered objects.

DROMOLFO, a fictional character from her grandfather’s unpublished autobiography, was born in a small village in the dry and hot lands of the interior of Portugal. He became a swineherder at the age of five and continued to work as a farmer for most of his infancy. During compulsory national service he was sent to Azores, a Portuguese archipelago located midway between North America and Europe in the North Atlantic Ocean, where he swapped his barber services for reading and writing lessons and gained literacy at the age of 20.


Sara Nunes Fernandes


Art House Foundation