Bond House Gallery

ASC Studios Goodwood Road London, London, SE14 6BL

Echo Chamber


Rosalind Davis

“We make spaces in relation to us but the spaces then re-make us” – Niall McLaughlin, architect

Echo chamber is an exhibition and exchange between three artists interested in the perceptual experience of space and form. ‘Echo chamber’ in this case refers to a gallery in which ideas, processes and materials are brought together to reverberate one against another, in which shared ways of working can be observed and new thoughts and practices set in motion. In an echo chamber ideas or beliefs are amplified or reinforced.

Rosalind Davis, Caroline Lambard and Michaela Nettell work across installation, painting, collage and film responding to the built environment around them. Mapping ideas in 2- and 3-dimensions, they explore the possibilities of existing materials and spaces, and their reconfiguration into new structures and forms.


Rosalind Davis, Michaela Nettell, Caroline Lambard


Rosalind Davis (Zeitgeist Arts Projects), Michaela Nettell, Caroline Lambard (Ideas Matters Sphere)