The Gallery Cafe

21 Old Ford Road London, London, E2 9PL

Evening Recitals

event Sunday, 5pm

Photograph: James A. Holliday

To stand and read. To call out from the depths of lungs, or speak into a microphone. Read from thumb-creased pages, or coolly recite a memorised passage. In a café or bar, bookshop or library. Reading aloud fills these spaces. Words hang in the air and resonate on the skin of the audience.

Evening Recitals will see readings from six new writers. Each is invited to stand and read from their archive of work. There is no theme to the matinee; the style, construction, explicitness, is left up to the writer. The mode of writing is also not prescribed, leaving it open to any form of writing and performance. Accompanying the afternoon will be a pamphlet-sized publication of the readings. Held in a café, Matinee Recitals is accessible and intimate, feeling as though the reader is speaking with friends. The intimacy of being spoken to, of being whispered to and of listening with intent. Matinee Recitals gives the stage to those declaring themselves as new writers.


Freddy Dewe Mathews, Jessie Bond, Emily Beber, James A. Holliday, Elizabeth Riggan


James A. Holliday