Double Negative Darkroom

Glyn Road London, London, E5 0JE

From Representation to Embodiment / Elsewhere

event Sunday, 11am-4pm & 4-6pm

Sayako Sugawara

A series of workshops curated by art collective MEAN TIME, serving as an introduction to some of the artistic tendencies in regards to photography, foregrounding ideas before going on to consider their visual outcomes. 

11AM-4PM ?FROM REPRESENTATION TO EMBODIMENT ?In her workshop M. Garafova investigates re-enactment. Participants will be involved in the remaking of an image, which references events in Western history that lead to our current conception of art. ELSEWHERE ? M. Avezou’s workshop is concerned with the relationship photography maintains with fiction and reality. It investigates narratives that encompass ideas of utopia through the creation of simple sets, providing an overview of Staged photography.


All workshops are free but booking is required.? To book a place, please send an email to: For more information: ?


Magali Avezou, Maria Gafarova, Marcello Simeone, Sayako Sugawara