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Courtesy of the artist, Candida Powell-Williams

Glissando addresses our ambition for freedom by weaving together narratives illustrating our desire to fly. Elimer, an 11th century monk who made himself wings, Laika, the first animal in space and Christina the Astonishing, a 13th century woman with supernatural powers. “Candida Powell-Williams’… pieces are stutteringly celebratory and imbued with a troubled playfulness. Deconstructing and interweaving disparate tales, she manufactures fantastic and uncanny installations…” (Antonia Shaw, Hayward Gallery) By remaking Glissando Powell-Williams plays with how meaning is altered through reinterpretation. In this version Christina is recast as the inspiration for the mythical feminist Wonder Woman.


Candida Powell-Williams


Lana Bountakidou, Alexandra Warder