Global Talk Internet by Studio Parlor

68 Marchmont Street London, London, WC1N 1AB

Global Internet Talks


Studio/Parlor is an initiative promoting focused artistic practice responding to the discussions and materials the group research and develop together. Each project concentrates on a particular public space within our city landscape that asks further questions about a contemporary topic or issue. Why the internet café? When in cyberspace it is important to reflect upon the history of The Internet Café. First brought to London in March ’94, ‘Cybercafe’ was Ivan Pope’s response to the ICA’s ‘Towards the Aesthetic of the Future’. The concept of the internet café grew. Today, with Wifi & smartphones, we must consider the extreme cyberspace we unconsciously find ourselves unable to disconnect from, relying on apps & social media to function. The Internet Café provides a space to think about our daily intake of the internet and techno futuristic habits. The artists and curators will consider the accessibility of the internet in 2014, 20 years on from the first internet café.


Sarah Boulton, Jean Feline, Omeyma Gzara, Calvin Laing, Elsa Philippe, Molly Richards, Rafal Zajko


Jean Feline, Victoria Genzini, Polly Wright