Ladette Space

55 Cossall Walk London, London, SE15 2TN



Elena Colman

A pulling together of practice, space and research. A handmade, quasi-gothic, rendering of a geological formation. A gallery within a gallery, a homecoming exhibition in the artist’s own home. The Cave as heterotopic space, a place of divergence and singularity. A fascination with the clumsy additions made when these spaces are opened to the public; the atmospheric lighting, cafes and gift shops. A bid to enhance the sublimity of natural phenomena.

Elena Colman works in sculpture, writing and performance; attempting to reconcile the very big and the very small; the ridiculous and the sublime; the Wonder of the Universe and the slapstick inconveniences of everyday life. Having run a gallery from her flat for the last six months she has begun to explore the potential for employing DIY culture to allow autonomous artistic existence. Gorge is the result of summer closing the gap between home and studio, taking up residency (entirely literally) in her living room.


Elena Colman