Brunel Shaft

Brunel Museum Railway Avenue London, London, SE16 4LF

Hello Ape Eyes: ‘O’

event Sunday, 4.30-5pm

Charlotte Wendy Law

Glen Johnson is the founder and only surviving original member of the London-based ‘ghost rock’ group, Piano Magic, whose eclectic oeuvre, since its formation in 1996, has included collusions with Vashti Bunyan, John Grant, Low and Tarwater amongst full-blown post-rock, isolationist electronica and pastoral psych-folk.

His debut solo album, ‘Details Not Recorded,’ (Make Mine Music, 2009) and accompanying tape-only release, ‘Institutionalised’ (Secret Furry Hole, 2009) pitted the hiss and steam of David Lynch’s ‘Eraserhead’ soundtrack against a pastoral, introspective neu-folk. ‘Same Sex’ continues Johnson’s utilisation of a unique dark ambient sonic palette to create pop songs for the next decade and precedes a brand new album, out later this year on Second Language.



Kristina Pulejkova, Glen Johnson


Charlotte Wendy Law