Brunel Shaft

Brunel Museum Railway Avenue London, London, SE16 4LF

Hello Ape Eyes


Charlotte Wendy Law

Collectively teasing the cracks of the known YYY brings new work from three female artists.  The glitched gaze of missed communication.  Spliced, and deconstructing the very triptych it encompasses, to gaze down upon multiple somnambulists stumbling from floor to form.  Sexualized, sedated, somehow dancing, they edge onto the scene whilst totemic relics of alchemy and entropy twist and flex: exploring process to arrive at moments of balance, and collapse.

For the private view (7.30-8.30pm) Charlotte Wendy Law installs the last fragments of work as part of an ongoing collaboration with sound artist Artur Vidal. On Sunday (4-5pm) Kristina Pulejkova will perform an experimental visual set in collaboration with Glen Johnson, founder and only surviving original member of the ‘ghost rock’ group, Piano Magic.


Kristina Pulejkova, Susan Beattie, Charlotte Wendy Law


Charlotte Wendy Law