Hole Story

356 Mare Street London, London, E8 1HR

Hole Story: Burial

event Sunday, 11am-6pm

Alberto Duman

On Sunday 5 October (12-6pm) the filling of the hole will be carried out, with all willing visitors contributing to this final action. The earth originally exhumed in June, will be paraded around the site in a loop with wheelbarrows, symbolically aerated in the surroundings of the Old Rectory before returning into its original resting place. On completion of the burial, the only final evidence of the hole existence will be a white line drawing the square perimeter of the space once occupied by the hole.

3pm – Artist and academic Alana Jelinek will present her own response to the project.

5pm – The event will close with a special screening of Iain Sinclair and Andrew Kotting’s ‘Swandown’, introduced by Ian Sinclair himself.

[Location: opposite Primark is a drive way, the space is at the far end of the driveway through a black gate.]


William Bock, Alberto Duman, Sophie Mason, Mark Morgan


Dig Collective