Hole Story

356 Mare Street London, London, E8 1HR

Hole Story: Purification

event Friday, 1-6pm

In mid-June 2014, four artists dug a large hole in the unique historical grounds of an Old Rectory in Hackney Central in response to its imminent redevelopment. This 8sq metre ‘pop down’ project space, rich in symbolic narratives, is concealed under a wooden stage decking.

Friday 3 October (12-6pm) we will open the garden of the Old Rectory to witness its transformation on the way to its final stage, involving a whitewash purification of the hole walls. We will build up layers of natural gesso into a thick surface, drawing a three-dimensional line around its perimeter, in preparation for the following stage of its burial ritual. Dr. James Lattin will give a short tour of the site at 5.30pm. The exhibition of the Summer Programme resident artists will continue throughout the weekend.

[Location: opposite Primark is a drive way, the space is at the far end of the driveway through a black gate.]


William Bock, Alberto Duman, Sophie Mason, Mark Morgan


Dig Collective