London Sculpture Workshop

Thames Side Studios Unit Zero, First Floor, Harrington Way, London, SE18 5NR

How many sculptors does it take to change a lightbulb?

event Friday, 6-9pm; Saturday 12-6pm & Sunday 12-6pm

Over the course of 3 days London Sculpture Workshop will explore how to reach the ceiling without using a ladder in order to change a lightbulb. The ceiling in question is over 16 feet high. Artists will be exploring different materials and techniques to build a structure that will carry a person up to 16 feet high to change a lightbulb. A series of rules will be set in place such as no lengths of matter longer than 2 feet to be used. No conventional forms such as ladders can be made. A wide variety of techniques and materials will be used to reach the ceiling. All the artists will work together and visitors will be invited to take part in the collaborative sculpture. The piece will be documented with a time-lapse video over the course of the weekend.


Melis van den Berg, Kevin Callaghan, Giles Corby, Silvina Sores, Julian Wild


Jessica Nina Mello