154 Ilderton Road London, London, SE15 1NT

Hydrogen Clip


Courtesy Millington | Marriott

Millington | Marriott present Hydrogen Clip, the first exhibition from Elements, a series of six exhibitions that open up the formulation of an exhibition.

M | M will seek to lose curatorial control through a three-column invitational process for each exhibition with the intention of discovering interesting curatorial directions and processes from the series. M | M will invite an artist and will hand control to them. This first artist is then able to invite as many participants from any discipline, with the understanding that those invitees are able to repeat the process a final time. This allows each element within the exhibition to experience full and no control. Like the elements in the periodic table, the artists and the artworks react, combine and change state to form the exhibition. 


Julien Berberat, Henry Coleman, Julien Gremaud, Pablo Jones-Soler, Emanuele Marcuccio, Dan Powell, Paul Schneider, Annie Strachan


Millington | Marriott