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Low Animal Spirits


Taking its cue from the oft-mentioned loss of the referent in both language and the economy, Low Animal Spirits is a live model of high frequency trading, dealing in words sourced from global news feeds for virtual ‘profit’, whilst speculating on their usage.  Counters in a game of gambling: new texts emerge in the accelerating rhythms of the virtual machine. 

The analysis produces new phenomena in the form of headlines generated with the help of Natural Language processing algorithms, tweeted @lowanimalspirits.  

LAS is by Ami Clarke and Richard Cochrane; ex-City software developer who built applications for derivatives trading floors, mostly as Vice President at Goldman Sachs. 

inc: Software algorithm: Low Animal Spirits live score – driven by real time data. Sound production with automated ‘readers’. Text created from analysis – folded tabloids by FT printers. 

Kindly supported by The Elephant Trust and Arts Council England.


Ami Clarke, Richard Cochrane