Assembly Passage Project

112 A+B Mile End Road London, London, E1 4UN

Matt Calderwood


Matt Calderwood, Template, 2014

Calderwood’s work involves us within an elaborate language made up from a minimal and personal vocabulary. Each token shaped by the artist references earlier works and echoes a finite networked composition in a new singular approach. With this exhibition, Matt Calderwood will engage with recurrent forces that run through many of his previous works — something about pressure and friction. From jumping on concrete slabs balanced on wineglasses in his first video work (Ground Experiment #1) and the system of ropes under tension that support a heavy lead-acid car battery over his hands in another early video work (Battery), to the pressure required to make a successful print from a large sculptural object (Untitled Series) or the leverage and friction needed to keep some of his more complex assemblage sculptures intact, these forces have been never been far from centre in his work, often also fostering a sense of tense anticipation in the viewer.


Matt Calderwood


Sofia Lopes Borges, Elea Himmelsbach