13 Gibraltar Walk London, London, E2 7LH



Liadin Cooke, Bord, 2012, block print & watercolour

The exhibition is titled Nostos, Greek for ‘homecoming’. Cooke was born in Ireland in 1958 and lived there until 1993 when she moved to London and later West Yorkshire. Her work in infused with a sense of place and the modernist ideology of combining art and life. In Nostos her attention is focused specifically on Irish vernacular furniture and forms that fulfil basic human needs, such as a surface to eat at or a place to sleep. As with much simple furniture it is often multipurpose with doors used as tables or seats as beds. These forms are rooted in Irish folk tradition and yet the pared down quality and simplicity of living is more reminiscent of minimalist furniture and objects.


Liadin Cooke