Auto Italia South East

Unit 2 3 York Way London, London, N1C 4AE

POLYMYTH x Miss Information

Event Saturday 7-9pm, Sunday 12-6pm

Image © Auto Italia and Pablo Jones-Soler, 2014.

POLYMYTH x Miss Information is a project bringing together a range of creative practitioners to explore the narratives and grammar enmeshed in the technologically accelerated now. Scripting realities and using speculation as a tool, the project seeks to create and illustrate contemporary myths in order to think upon the present, using Miss Information as both a character and a strategy. In an exhibition space narrated by the disembodied voice of Miss Information (whose dialogue has been sourced through an invited cast of ghost writers), contributors April Greiman, Pablo Jones-Soler, Metahaven and Holly Herndon and Pinar&Viola will explore the magic realism of network(ed) culture. Amidst a cloud of data, propositions and multiple identities the project will investigate the frictions within fluid systems, and mine the subtext of surfaces to excavate what might lie beyond.


April Greiman, Pablo Jones-Soler, Metahaven and Holly Herndon, Pinar&Viola, and more


Marleen Boschen, Marianne Forrest, Justin Jaeckle