Double Negative Darkroom

Glyn Road London, London, E5 0JE

Repetitions Retracing Relapses


Sayako Sugawara

The aim of the exhibition is to offer visual and conceptual framework to the workshops that will take place during the weekend. Avezou addresses notions such as reality and illusion, authenticity and copy, escapism and displacement while Gafarova’s practice explores how the body and its gestures are enmeshed in history and representation. Body and gestures also play a role in Simeone’s works, in which he combines text, photography and performance to create poetic explorations of the self bearing reference to existentialism. Sugawara’s ongoing concern is the in-between states; in her works she deals with ideas of liminality and transience, exploring the boundaries between memory and imagination, public and private, still and moving image. Although the four artists employ different artistic strategies, their works share a common emphasis on process and an awareness of the ambiguity and complexities of representation.


Magali Avezou, Maria Gafarova, Marcello Simeone, Sayako Sugawara