66 Regents Studios 8 Andrews Road London, London, E8 4QN

School of Calidity

event Friday, 3-6pm

The tradition of the warm worlds where slowness, conversations and walking are part of a quotidian way of relating, learning and communicating. Nature, clima, the atmosphere…. all count as the elements that form an ethos and a pathos. Can the principle of Calidity be found under Northern lights and its settings of social structures? Can Calidity, subvert, infect or affect its ways of living and thinking? School of Calidity is the translated words from its original term, Escuela de Calor. Its almost invisible methodology does not lighten its strong provocative politics and what its gesture is claiming. Escuela de Calor, was included and invited to Rome at Museo MACRO, during the events and lectures of Joan of Art Towards a Free Education (May 2013), curated by Mike Watson and funded by Nomas Foundation Rome.


Esther Planas (Five Years/School of Calidity)


Five Years, School of the Damned