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23 Harper Road, London, SE1 6AW

Somewhere Yet Nowhere


Somewhere yet Nowhere, Emily Woodhouse

A light box, of anthropomorphic proportions, runs off a car battery, appearing in the everyday landscape of South London. Concerned with the process of staging and re-staging, overlooked and unattended objects are captured through photography and emerge as components of sculptural pieces. These pieces occupy and highlight the corners of our everyday environment, before folding once more into a series of images. The images in this exhibition are not just a record of a past event, but a proposal or suggestion of an experience which could have happened or perhaps could still happen, if the viewer only knew where the location is. Somewhere yet nowhere, the light box highlights a small detail of a vast landscape which falls into darkness beyond the reach of its illuminating halo. Purposefully ambiguous, these works leave the viewer with an uneasy sense of familiarity – this could be anywhere, yet, where is it… exactly?


Emily Woodhouse