Gowlett Peaks

The Gowlett Arms 62 Gowlett Road London (Enquire at the bar), London, SE15 4HY

Sugars, Protein and Salt (Perfect Fried II)


Sophie Lee

Sugars, Protein and Salt (Perfect Fried I &II) is a pair of new video animations by Sophie Lee. Presented across two concurrent solo shows in London (Gowlett Peaks and IMT) the videos bring together research strands from, and elements present in, Sophie’s multifaceted practice. Sophie’s interest in the body, the materiality of rubbish and waste, a gastric approach to information, chemical reactions and archaeology are combined in animation, found footage, still images and film shot by the artist on the bus and in her local park in South London. The video installation will be accompanied by new sculptural work.


Sophie Lee


Elinor Morgan