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The Choreography of Things


Choy Ka Fai

The Choreography of Things is an exploration into the neurological narratives of our body and the things that condition us. The project investigates the perception of movements and memories of our body. Inquiring into the body and mind paradigm with a pseudo scientific aesthetic. The project is a series of experiments in the various forms of speculative scenario, workshop, demonstration and performance. Can we explore the mind body paradigm with emerging technological means? Is it possible to scientifically measure the neural impulses of our choreographic mind? The project seeks to research, archive and experiment with artistic methodology, kinesics studies and the neurological narratives of our body in the present future. Choy Ka Fai is an artist, performance maker and speculative designer. He is inspired by the histories and theorizations that together contain the uncertainties of the future.


Choy Ka Fai


Nimrod Vardi