4-17 Frederick Terrace London, London, E8 4EW

The Pure Ideology Personal Brand Workshop

event Thursday 6-9pm

Tessa Norton

“In today’s competitive environment, you need a way to differentiate yourself from your peers. You need an “X” factor that makes you indispensable. In short, you need a personal brand.” – Price Waterhouse Coopers Personal Brand Workbook, 2014.

In the modern world, communicating your unique personal brand can seem to be an insurmountable challenge. Esoteric images decorate greetings cards and cupcakes, the mascots of a gentrifying subculture: the pug, the handlebar moustache, or Slavoj Žižek. How better to differentiate yourself from your peers than with a tote bag? Choosing from a foolproof, pre-approved palette of critical theorists, dogs and emojis, visitors to Legion TV are invited to select images to express their unique personal brand and have them screenprinted onto a unique bespoke tote bag to take home, guaranteed to give them that competitive edge over their peers!

[Please note, this event will now only take place on Thursday]


Tessa Norton


Kiera Blakey, Legion TV