NoMad Gallery @ Loampitt Hill

32a Loampitt Hill London, London, SE13 7SW

The Vortex


Luis Ignacio Rodriguez

For years I had wondered what it would be like to live above a shop. Then, in my mother’s roughly translated words, life is fluid, and I found myself an artist, living above a shop, without even a front door, but a back entrance; without a garden, but a yard. The artists lodging there would spend their days making art, talking about art, wondering about the art world and playing in the yard. The yard has played host to knife-fan, several videos, a cement explosion, a wall that appeared overnight, a shed that got filled, emptied and then destroyed, and now, after years of fantasising, an art show. NoMad Gallery aims to react to urban spaces with art, and this time it brings you five artists and their responses to the yard.


Daniella Valz-Gen, Drew Hoad, Leon Gower, Luis Ignacio Rodriguez, Sam Thompson


Luis Ignacio Rodriguez