Enclave 50 Resolution Way London, London, SE8 4NT

Tomb, Shrine, Survey-Marker, Spare-Part


‘Tomb, Shrine, Survey-Marker, Spare-Part’ considers sculptural objects as tacit technological devices with the ability to transcend verbal language and cultural referents to communicate across space/time/lifeforms as futuristic standing stones. Taking John McCracken’s minimalist sculptural ‘planks’ and their apocryphal quasi-religious appearance in Stanley Kubrick’s ‘2001: A Space Odyssey’ as a starting point, the exhibition considers the science fiction Monolith (of Kubrick / Arthur C Clarke) as one such transcendent sculptural object. ‘Tomb, Shrine, Survey-Marker, Spare-Part’ is the second in the series ‘Sci-Fi Paganism’, a programme exploring mythological communications between artists and thinkers with real/imagined extra-terrestrial life forms through sincere cultural practices of the 1960s/70s counterculture. Part one of ‘Sci-Fi Paganism’, ‘The Starseed Transmission’, was staged at Enclave in October 2013 as part of the Art Licks Weekend.


Sam Austen, Ben Cove, Lawrence Lek, Superlative TV


Lucy A Sames