St Marks Church 337 Kennington Park Road London, London, SE11 4PW

Vertical Immersion


Uliana Apatina

‘Vertical Immersion’ is a site-specific interactive installation immersing visitors into the twisted temporospatial experience of the broken gap between past, present and future. The title of the exhibition is taken from one of the nine installations at ‘That Side Where Real Is’, constructed in the Crypt@St.Mark’s in 2013. While the installation from the past is extended into the future, it is simultaneously being accompanied by a new installation happening at the present but at the place of the another installation from the past, colourwise inverting the past installation into its opposite. A sound-video projection occupying a physical space of something that is not anylonger physically present, envelopes the whole environment into the mist of confused associations; reversed timing of transposed spaces.


Uliana Apatina


Steve Coulson