Lewisham Arthouse

140 Lewisham Way London, London, SE14 6PD

Who Thinks the Future? – Talking about Contemporary Art Workshop

event Friday 3-4.30pm; Saturday, 4-5.30pm & Sunday, 4-5.30pm

Kate Pickering

As part of the ‘Who Thinks the Future?’ exhibition at Lewisham ArtHouse, the artists’ crit group Peer Sessions will host free ‘Talking about Contemporary Art’ public workshops. These workshops are aimed at those who are interested in increasing their confidence in engaging with, analysing and discussing contemporary art.

Participants will be given an introduction to the exhibition, and some pointers on thinking about and discussing contemporary art. The group will then be encouraged to visually analyse the exhibition, facilitated by artists/teachers Kate Pickering and Charlotte Warne Thomas, using the established and supportive Peer Sessions discussion format.

Each workshop will last 1.5 hours. Educational handouts and further information will be provided to encourage ongoing engagement with both the exhibition themes and contemporary art in general.


Kate Pickering, Charlotte Warne Thomas (Peer Sessions)