Lewisham Arthouse

140 Lewisham Way London, London, SE14 6PD

Who Thinks the Future?


Darren Harvey-Regan

Recently, there has been a resurgence in thinking the future. Not only what horrors it may hold, but how we might construct it. This important task had fallen out of favour over the last thirty years, but if we are now forced to think forward again, to find ways out of impending climate crises for example, we have to find new methodologies by which to construct our shared future. This exhibition asks whether the artist is a figure with whom these tasks can be carried out. Without assuming the privilege usually associated with this exceptional figure, we ask what role the artist has now, and what they should have in the future. To engage in these questions we have adopted a methodology of synthetic thinking, practiced as it is by Peer Sessions, to combine multiple ideas into complex wholes. The exhibiting artists have participated in a series of research based discussions which negotiate these concerns, generating works which start thinking the future.


Josh Bilton, Darren Harvey-Regan, Jenny Moore, David Mabb, Steven Ounanian, Kate Pickering, Charlotte Warne Thomas


Peer Sessions, Tom Trevatt