Radio Anti, Broadcast from Gwennap Pit, Cornwall, 2014.


For every hour on each day of the Art Licks Weekend an artist performance will take place in a public space across East and South East London, bringing work to audiences outside the participating exhibition spaces.

This year, the programme takes the theme of ‘hosting’ as its starting point to consider how performance can create opportunities to host an exchange between artist and audience / host and guest. A shared interest in hospitality and its possibilities for expanding social relations and spaces links the participating artists through their varied approaches to a performative practice via sound, installation and movement.

For the first time, the programme will be host to several artists from outside London who will create works in response to new environments.

The Saturday of the festival will be orchestrated in collaboration with Radio Anti to explore the notion of hosting through broadcasting the programme online and on the FM air waves, expanding the reach of each performance beyond its immediate audience.

Specific locations will be announced the day before each performance.

Participating artists

Andy Abbott, Noah Angell, Radio Anti, Stuart Bannister, Rebecca Birch, Yvonne Carmichael and Bryony Pritchard, Phoebe Davies, Matthew de Kersaint Giraudeau, Rita Evans, Andy Holden, Lucy Joyce, Daniel Kelly, Leslie Kulesh, Samuel Levack and Jennifer Lewandowski, m?ks?ko?, Laura Milnes, Vera Chok performing as Lucy Pawlak, Sybella Perry, Rosalie Schweiker with Rosa Farber and Helen Savage, Susannah Worth, Mark Peter Wright, Rehana Zaman.

Curated by Eva Rowson

Funded by Jerwood Charitable Foundation

Thursday 2 October

6-9pm + live element at 7pm: m?ks?ko? Street Flash Sale
Platform 1, Hackney Downs Station, E8 1LA 

Opening live for one evening only, m?ks?ko? will feature exclusive merchandise and one of a kind items. Visit the eBay shop for unique tie dye linens and things by Pacific Drift and view in person at the sale. 
Those visiting at 7pm will find surprise deals and giveaways! 
m?ks?ko? has 100% positive feedback, bid with confidence.  

6-9pm + live performance at 7/8/9pm: 
Samuel Levack and Jennifer Lewandowski 
Orange, A Colour Ritual for Autumn
French Riviera Backyard, 309 Bethnal Green Road, E2 6AH 

Staggered performances as daylight fades to darkness will bathe the audience in an orange luminescence. A colour installation, a defence against S.A.D. Ten minutes of film projections and a soundscape that is both melancholic and joyous. Throughout the ritual, the audience are invited to consider the mood altering effects of colour and aroma and celebrate the changing of the season.

Friday 3 October

Camberwell | Peckham

12-6pm Rosalie Schweiker THIS WAY PECKHAM
Rosalie Schweiker is using her fee to pay two performers acting as Art Licks Weekend guides. The guides will walk the streets of Peckham, advertising the festival’s performance programme, handing out flyers and giving directions to artist-run spaces.
With Helen Savage and Rosa Farber. 

12pm   Phoebe Davies Calm Exteriors
The Pigeon Hole Cafe, 2 Datchelor Place, SE5 7AP 
Taking her starting point from whom and where we learn our assumed roles and how these are passed between generations, Davies has constructed a new site-specific sound work for The Pigeon Hole Cafe. The text is drawn from interviews and conversations with the cafe managers’ mothers, investigating the role of female hosts and expected behaviour, leading to parasitic parallels. 

1pm   Laura Dee Milnes Carriage
Begining at The Pigeon Hole Cafe, 2 Datchelor Place, SE5 7APLaura Dee Milnes asks you to take a walk with her and experience Carriage, an expression of fear, anxiety and trepidation at being entirely and utterly and bodily a host. 

2pm   Lucy Joyce The Space Above Your Head
Meet at Peckham Rye Station, Rye Lane, SE15 5DQ
Performance takes place in Copeland Park Industrial Estate (entrance via 133 Rye Lane, SE15 4ST)
Let’s embrace doubt and uncertainty, take a risk
Let’s not rehearse
Let intervener’s be set, instructions given and chance and ambition take over
Let the audience watch above looking down at a roof top stage
Let scale shrink or monumentalise
Let what is usually above and unseen, be highlighted reflecting above and beyond
Let the audience and work collide

3pm   Daniel Kelly DKUK Peckham 
(The DKUK salon will be open 12-6pm Friday 3 & Saturday 4 October)
K&S Indoor Market, 135a Rye Lane, SE15 4STDaniel Kelly will open his DKUK salon in Peckham for the Art Licks Weekend, offering haircuts throughout the day 12-6pm. Positioning his clients in front of a TV monitor rather than a mirror, Kelly will screen a series of videos from his new period drama that revisits the Dockers Strike of 1889, and allow viewers to discover the story through conversations about their location.
Appointments are available on the hour and can be booked by emailing Haircuts are offered on a pay what you can afford basis.

4pm   Andy Holden Hello, Welcome
Montague Arms, 289 Queen’s Road, SE14 2PA 

5pm   Leslie Kulesh Under the Bridge
Pedestrian underpass, under the railway line, where Rollins Street meets Bridgehouse Meadows, SE15 1EPLeslie Kulesh invites visitors to directly engage in an ongoing aesthetic debate taking place under the bridge at Bridgehouse Meadows.

Saturday 4 October


Curated in collaboration with Radio Anti. All performances will be be broadcast live online at and on 87.5FM within a mile radius

12pm  Andy Abbott Proposition 0’00 (narrated)
Bermondsey Square (Tower Bridge Road side), SE1 3UN
Mashing together two classic instructional performance scores from the 1960s – Alison Knowles’ Proposition No. 1 (‘Make a Salad’) and John Cage’s 0’00” (‘In a situation provided with maximum amplification, perform a disciplined action.’) – with a dash of Vegan Black Metal Chef, Andy Abbott will perform a contact-miked improvisation for kitchen utensils, loop pedals and voice with (hopefully) edible outcomes. 

1pm   Mark Peter Wright I Suck
Pedestrian subway under Jamaica Road (at crossroads with St James Road and Bevington Street), SE16 4SQI Suck will animate the programme’s theme of ‘hosting’ via biology and parasitic feeding processess in nature. Wright will perform a series of actions based around key terms such as: feed, suck, drag and bite. Audience, sound and space will become interchangeable hosts for the event, and Wright and technology will become parasitic actors, draining and regurgitating its hosts through a sequence of playful and critical interventions.

2pm   Sybella Perry Overblowing – An acoustic exercise for a tunnel using sine wave tones and unamplified vocals 
Cycle/pedestrian tunnel on Marine Street, at corner of Frean Street, SE16 4AH
Overblowing is a term used to describe when air blown into a wind instrument is applied with greater force causing the pitch to jump higher, it may occurr unintentionally producing a higher note than the one intended. It is also used to describe a change of direction in the air being blown – for example over the top of a glass bottle. 
With Samuel Ayre & Iain Woods. 

3pm   Rehana Zaman Kiss and Tell
St James Churchyard, Thurland Road, SE16 4AA
Kiss and Tell is a 20-minute live work that invites a gathered crowd to eavesdrop a furtive discussion between two women. Based on interviews with employees of support helplines, the work addresses the shift in power dynamics between the giver of care and the recipient; where vulnerability becomes exploitation, and emotion, authenticity and surveillance meet.

4pm   Stuart Bannister Songs of Phase
Railway tunnel on Spa Road, at corner of Ness Street, Spa Road, SE16 3SG
Using live and recorded sound, and some trial and error, Stuart Bannister will aim to investigate the hosting of the Holy Spirit and explore the fine line between hospitality and intimidation.

5pm   Rita Evans Always Falling/Flailing Down/Up 
Spa Gardens, Grange Road, SE1 3AH
A temporal, sensorial sculpture of fragments of thoughts, dreams and partially made studio objects that converge to flail, drop, drag, crash, stand still and roll through. Individuals overlap to move through form together, creating a tableau of dreaming and thinking in public space and time, where awkwardness and uncertainty opens a sensing space between bodies.

Sunday 5 October

Dalston | Bethnal Green | Haggerston

12pm Vera Chok performing as Lucy Pawlak Timeshare 
Crosby Walk, E8 3DW “I’m resting on a sofa in my Mexican Mother-In-Law’s timeshare condo on prime Cancun real estate in Mexico. I want you to keep thinking about her sofa because eventually I’ll ask you to make it appear… This is an exercise in teleportation. We’re going to merge my space and your space. I want you to feel it more then see it.”

1pm   Susannah Worth Ornamental Cookery
Five Points Brewery, 3 Institute Place, E8 1JE
Ornamental Cookery presents a scenario that invites questions about hospitality, domesticity, social aspiration, consumption, labour and mass-production, and seeks the answers in crab thermidor and chocolate roulade. The event draws on ideas from Digesting Recipes: The Art of Culinary Notation, by Susannah Worth, which will be published in 2015 by Zero Books.

2pm   Rebecca Birch Meet me at Burberry
Burberry Outlet, 29-31 Chatham Place, E9 6LP
A performance with a cardigan, a light bulb and a mountain (there’s always a mountain).  

3pm   Matthew de Kersaint Giraudeau Communal Juicing
Regent Studios, 8 Andrews Road, E8 4QN
Communal Juicing is a ritual for performers and audience; an initiation into the life changing practice of cold press juicing and a joyful celebration of desire, consumption and fibre.

4pm   Yvonne Carmichael and Bryony Pritchard Hosiery Posery
Haggerston Park, Entrance at Whiston Road, E2 8BW
Hosiery Posery is a playful critique of commercial representations of the female form. The unrealistic body shapes, unnatural poses and affected language from women’s tights packets are used as material for a short but surreal exercise routine that will be performed in public.

5pm   Noah Angell The Politics of the Inaudible
Open School East, First Floor, Rose Lipman Building, 43 De Beauvoir Road, N1 5SQ
In Noah Angell’s lecture-performances the circumstances of ethnographic field recordings are re-imagined and analysed in a space of deep, collective listening. This particular piece is focused on the politics of silence, the inaudible, and the barely audible as they appear in the ethnographic field recording. Featuring recordings of the ‘Are’are panpipe ensembles of Melanesia, flute songs of the Dayak in Borneo, Inuit throat songs, the gospel music of rural Louisiana, and a descendent of Tuvan shamans. 

Daniel Kelly’s DKUK salon

Daniel Kelly’s DKUK salon will be based in Peckham for the performance programme on Friday 3 October and Saturday 4 October 12-6pm.

Appointments are available on the hour and can be booked by emailing Haircuts are offered on a pay what you can afford basis.

Radio Anti recordings