Brunel Shaft

Brunel Museum Railway Avenue London, London, SE16 4LF

Hello Ape Eyes: Ode Action

event Thursday, 7.30-8.30pm

Performance by Artur Vidal using the fragments of a previously deconstructed piano.

Hello Ape Eyes: ‘O’

event Sunday, 4.30-5pm

As a closing event, Kristina Pulejkova will perform an experimental visual set in collaboration with musician Glen Johnson.

Hello Ape Eyes


Signaling from a place of radical uncertainty YYY open a subterranean space to invite you to a meeting of materials.


Flat 6 104 Nightingale Road London, London, E5 8NB

Conduire is aLive: Live DJ and VJ set

event Thursday, 7-9pm

A live DJ and VJ set by Joey Holder and Ian Thorn in a domestic setting.

Conduire is aLive: Comedy and Theatre Workshop

event Saturday, 12-6pm

A set by comedian Chris Boyd and a theatre workshop led by Amal Khalaf. Booking required for workshop.

Conduire is aLive: Artist Coaching and Charismatic Megafauna gig

event Sunday, 1-6pm

Coaching for Success by P.A.S.T. PROJECTS and music by Charismatic Megafauna. Booking required for coaching workshop.

Double Negative Darkroom

Glyn Road London, London, E5 0JE

Repetitions Retracing Relapses


An exhibition on the ambiguity and complexities of representation providing visual and conceptual frameworks for the weekend workshops.

From Representation to Embodiment / Elsewhere

event Sunday, 11am-4pm & 4-6pm

Two workshops: investigating re-enactment and the relationship photography maintains with fiction and reality. Booking required. Closing event follows

Fields of Action / Le Marbrerie

event Saturday, 11am-4pm

Two workshops: strategies, performances and happenings devised for the camera, and questioning the very nature of the medium. Booking required.


66 Regents Studios 8 Andrews Road London, London, E8 4QN

What is underground? What is this protest? What is a school?

event Saturday, 11am-6pm

A discussion between School of the Damned & Five Years, with guest speakers Laura Oldfield Ford and Pil & Galia Kollectiv.

Talent is Not Enough: What is Alternative? What is Community?

event Sunday, 11am-6pm

Discussions led by Than Hussein Clark and Emily Pope.

School of Calidity

event Friday, 3-6pm

Discussion looking at whether the principle of Calidity can be found under northern lights and its settings of social structures.

Experts From Beyond: Evaluation, Consensus and Location

event Friday, 11am-2pm

A presentation and discussion by Edward Dorrian with Critical Practice as part of 'Benefit: All Research is Crisis'.

Benefit: All Research is Crisis


Five Years & School of the Damned examine together ideas of pedagogical method, benefit and community in a collective yet dissensual form of research.

Lewisham Arthouse

140 Lewisham Way London, London, SE14 6PD

Who Thinks the Future? – Talking about Contemporary Art Workshop

event Friday 3-4.30pm; Saturday, 4-5.30pm & Sunday, 4-5.30pm

Free public workshops aimed at those who are interested in increasing their confidence in engaging with, analysing and discussing contemporary art.

Who Thinks the Future?


An exhibition that utilises synthetic thinking to explore the role art might play in social change.