12ø Project Space

12 Orpen Walk, London, N16 8HG

3×3 – New Approaches to Collaboration



‘3×3’ is a four-day event that is focused on new approaches to collaboration. Each day will present a new exhibition of three works and the final day will present a selection of works from the project and a panel discussion.

Day 1: The 3 members of 12ø will collaborate on 3 new works. Each of the works will be instigated by a different member of the collective.

Day 2: Will present 3 new works by artists that have not worked together before. Each member of 12ø will choose two people to work together for each piece.

Day 3: Will present 3 works by people who already work together. Each of these collaborations will be chosen by the members of 12ø.

Day 4: Will show a selection of works from the project along with a panel discussion with some of the artists and the current curator in residence.


Lou Macnamara, Saeeda/Saeed, Kel Glaister, Hannah Taylor, Helena De Pulford, Agser Harbou Gjerdevik, Georgia Gendall, Jack Elliot, Katy Morrison


Eva Duerden, Jeff Ko, Jacob Watmore