New Cross Learning Library

283 - 285 New Cross Road, London, SE14 6AS

Awakening Our Own Voices: The Environment And Us

event Thursday 7-7.30pm, Saturday 12-1.30pm & 4-4.30pm

VOICE OUT offers an audience immersive experience to share heartfelt expressions as word-thoughts. Joining with the performers, who also ‘Voice Out’, a reciprocal simple dialogue/harmonious Soundscape ensues. Based on responses to Environmental Green Issues and Global Warming, the dialogue moves in the latter stage to positivity in shared community action. The Audience may respond in the defined gaps of the soundscape and also throughout jot down their words to share after the performance. It is hoped that this experience might engender opportunities of connectivity and unity in the face of individual consumerism. Participation in the Environmental Walk entails spontaneous art documentations which will be exhibited in the Learning Library.


Margaret Jennings


Margaret Jennings