13 Gibraltar Walk London, London, E2 7LH



Photo Matt Calderwood 2015

New video and sculptural works by Matt Calderwood. In the exhibition title ‘Breather’ there is a sense of the time for Calderwood’s work to be observed and the process to yield its results in the act of having a break. ‘Breather’ could also be a living thing or mechanical device, breathing as an irrepressible reflex. With Calderwood’s practice the journey is ongoing, he often re-purposes and waits, approaching the same subject from different perspectives, returning to similar observations and looking again. Many of his sculptures and video works are precarious, sometimes involving the failure of materials, sometimes the tension is more psychological. There is an inevitability in the forms that Calderwood finds and sets in motion, you sort of know the outcome as they dictate their own trajectory but you still want to see what happens and witness those revealing horizons.


Matt Calderwood