Flat 6 104 Nightingale Road London, London, E5 8NB

Closing Event: Emma Hunt

event Sunday 5-6pm

Rena Kosnett and Jason Underhill, 2015.

Golden Retriever is a comedy web series written and directed by Jason Underhill and Rena Kosnett which centres on Rea, a young art-damaged ex-MFA student who lands a job as a veterinary technician at an animal hospital in Beverly Hills. It focuses on the relationships that build from the class differences between the hospital’s working-class staff, the wealthy clientele, and their pets. (Trailer

Emma Hunt presents ‘A Woman’s Best Friend’ – a closing performance.

Ever-sensitive to our whims and fancies, how can the unspoken connection between us and our dogs enable us to comprehend the metaphysics of presence?


Rena Kosnett, Jason Underhill, Emma Hunt


Sophie Risner