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Culinary Compositions II


Valeria's dinner party, Mariona Otero, 2015

Mariona Otero reflects on what we eat, analysing all the ingredients that make our meals. Eating is a special moment in our daily lives, it is the moment when something external becomes internal, within our body. It is our energy. Food becomes part of ourselves. By creating abstract landscapes inspired by the food and the experience of eating it, Otero invites the audience to enter the world of particular meals, meals not just seen from the outside but also experienced from the inside; placing the viewer in a universe full of visual flavours and colourful textures.

The process of cooking and eating allows us to travel many miles, sometimes to particular places and moments in our memories, and other times to more fantastical places where our imagination can wonder freely. At the same time, Otero’s work can be reminiscent of microscopic images, as if we would look at a meal through a microscope to see its proteins, vitamins, minerals, fats and fibres.


Mariona Otero


Mariona Otero